Rhonda Cagle

The List

In Uncategorized on January 15, 2012 at 6:49 pm

Perfect days begin with a cup of coffee and a long soak in my hot tub. Watching the sun peek over my roof, its light wakes up my garden and the warmth of the light and heat of the swirling water brings life to me. It’s one of the pleasures of calling the West Valley home in January.

This New Year began with one of these perfect days, allowing me quiet time to reflect on what I want to accomplish this year. Tumbled, tangled mental lists of everything I’ve failed at began to spill out. Resolutely, I determined to put them at the top of this year’s list. The more I drummed up, the dimmer the day became.

And then I stopped; realizing my fists were now tightly balled and my muscles were tense, despite the warm water and pulsating jets. Resolutions are supposed to make my life healthier and better, not give me a stomachache. Thinking long and hard for a moment, I opened my hands and let my list go. I watched the tangled mess swirl and drift away from me; it’s troubles eventually dissipating like the bubbles in my hot tub.

I allowed my mind to drift through moments when I’ve felt good about myself, proud of my outcomes. More of these moments should comprise my list. So this year, creating everyday graces in the lives of those I love makes the list. So does kindness. Civility. Compassion. Quietness. Mindfulness. My to do list became a “to be” list. And the day grew bright again.

Soaking in this concept, creativity and joy bubbled up, unbidden. And my hands, tightly balled just a few minutes earlier, were open and relaxed, eager to embrace what this New Year holds.


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