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A Backpack Full of Hope

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School supplies mean a lot to a kid. Trust me, I know. As a child who started a new school at least once a year, I grew up learning the value of freshly sharpened yellow No. 2 pencils and a Trapper Keeper full of college-rule notebook paper. These items often earned me a seat at the lunch table or a welcoming conversation with a desk mate.


Photo: GreatSchools.org

Maybe that’s why I have such a soft spot for back-to-school drives for children who struggle to overcome poverty – to feel as if they belong. When you read about the numbers and discover that many of those children live across the street and next door to you and me, I’m hoping you’ll have a soft spot, too.

You can read more about the need and ways to help in my latest column for the Arizona Republic and azcentral. http://t.co/hmGV9EjuX2

Retracing the Steps of Democracy

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This Fourth of July finds me in our nation’s capitol, retracing the steps of our founding fathers. They dipped their pen into the well of audacity and signed their names to an ideal that had yet to become reality.

I’ve thought a lot about the fortitude it takes to envision what can – and should – be. I’ve thought even more about the courage it takes to withstand the shaking and shifting involved in that process.


My grandmother had that kind of courage. I’m thinking of her as I’m standing beneath the Washington and Lincoln Monuments and celebrating America’s birthday. You can read about it in my latest column for The Arizona Republic. http://t.co/HKXV8IdjRn

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