Rhonda Cagle

The Value of Doing Nothing

In Uncategorized on February 3, 2014 at 9:09 pm

After years of skipping a vacation, my family and I are finally preparing to go away for a week. It’s a real vacation. An honest-to-goodness, charge-the-camera-battery-because-we’re-taking-lots-of-pictures vacation.

It’s a big deal.

Already, I’m daydreaming about an entire week without e-mails, conference calls or writing newsletters and reports. We’ve settled on taking our kids to Washington DC during the cherry-blossom season. My head is filled with visions of exploring museums and monuments while making lots of once-in-a-lifetime family memories.


And in the midst of my daydreams, I’m wondering why it take a long-awaited vacation to make me remember the importance of doing nothing. It’s what I’m writing about in my latest column for The Arizona Republic. I hope you’ll read along. More importantly, I hope you’ll find the time to do a bit of nothing in your own life. http://t.co/sD7HV0YbyY


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